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Enjoy six new dance works by six company choreographers at 6x6 !


6 o’Clock Dance Theatre (6DT) will present its season opener concert “6x6” on Aug. 13, including a 2 p.m. open dress performance (with special post-show audience talkback) and an 8 p.m. performance.

6x6: The Choreographer's Showcase

Saturday, Aug. 13

Latino Cultural Center

2600 Live Oak St., Dallas, TX 75204

Why 6x6 ?

Part of our Artistic Director Zach Ingram's process is highlighting the strengths of his individual dancers. He consistently watches how his dancers move, and choreographs movement that shines a light on their unique movement styles. This is now manifesting on a larger scale as Zach creates an opportunity for a handful of 6DT's individual performing artists to display their creative strengths within the community.


6 o'Clock Dance Theatre has dancers that can move, teach, entertain and create

The 6x6 platform empowers 6 o'Clock artists to have their artistic voices heard and their vision seen. We're excited to show Dallas audiences not only the talent of our artistic director, but our working artists as well.

Ticketing Information


Evening ticketing:​​

  • $50 premiere ticket (includes early entrance to open seating and signed photo)  30  seats

  • $35 general admission — 240  seats

  • $17.50 children's admission  20 seats

Afternoon ticketing:

Those receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits) can gain free admission to the 2 p.m. performance while supplies last. During checkout simply select a General Admission ticket and then use the code SNAPDiscounted tickets are also available during the afternoon performance for military members (active duty and veterans), college students, senior citizens (age 55 and up) and children. 

  • $10 child  40 seats 

  • $10 senior — 40 seats *photo ID required

  • $10 military — 50 seats * military ID required 

  • $20 college student — 50 seats *student ID required

  • $35 general admission — 100 seats 

*Proof of a Valid ID will be required at the door for those purchasing discounted tickets. Those using SNAP benefits must show their SNAP EBT card at the door.

Catch the season opener!

6 new works
 6 company choreographers

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Discover More About The Show

The 6x6 concert opens with an all-female sextet — "The Greatest of These" — by Ally DesJardins. By day Ally is a Registered Behavioral Therapist and works with children, but at 6 o'Clock she dances (and now also choreographs) with us! While she is still an emerging choreographer, Ally is no stranger to creating dances. She set numerous works during her college years and has won several awards for her choreography.


The second piece on the program celebrates something 34% of people say they have experienced: love at first sight. The fun and jazzy "At First Sight" is choreographed by 6DT veteran dancer J. Alexander Langley. Alongside performing with 6 o'Clock, Alex is a teacher and musical theater director. 

“As a choreographer, my work is shaped by the music, because I want the audience to see what I hear,” says Langley. “I'm not usually a storytelling choreographer, but the story of love is so clear in the music that I'd be silly not to tell it!”

Shifting the energy on stage, "Black Bar" by Adam Rech explores the idea of a society being born and programmed in a lab. Trained to be a certain way. Then, as we experience freedom, we are subject to harshness and critique. The final section is the idea of conformity vs. the rebel. The piece was inspired by Israeli contemporary dance and a conversation held with choreographers on creating while between censorship and boycott.

The first act concludes with "Serenity after the Storm." Created by Katina Johns, the work is vulnerable but freeing. She hopes it will make you feel free and — if you are experiencing any restraint or bondage in your own life — inspire you to take action in the name of freedom.

Act two proclaims its arrival with "Defender of R.O.M.E." (an excerpt). Powerful and stirring, this piece has the largest cast of dancers in the program. Defender of R.O.M.E. is choreographed by Jarvis McKinley who joined 6 o'Clock Dance Theatre as the company's Assistant Rehearsal Director in spring 2022. The piece features a warrior who has lost his way and is guided by six goddesses. The choreography highlights the dancers' abilities to command their technical and artistic strengths. 


6x6 concludes with the world premiere of "Seen & Heard," choreographed by Artistic Director Zach Law Ingram. As humans we all need (and want) to be seen and heard. It is what makes us feel loved and valued. And yet we also have the responsibility to proclaim what we have seen and heard. We must speak to those things that we have gazed upon with our own eyes and we have touched with our own hands. 

Join us Aug.13 for a look at 6X6.


Artistic Director: Zach Ingram

Executive Director: Marielle McGregor

Rehearsal Director: Mai Uesaka 

Assistant Rehearsal Director: Jarvis McKinley

Dancers: The Company

Understudies: Lailah Duke & Renee Walters