6 o’Clock Dance Theatre provides a platform for dancers of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and occupations to unite in the passionate pursuit of artistic excellence. Our family of artists span the nation.


We are saddened by the Covid-19 global pandemic: the threat to those who face serious health challenges and the disruption to our artists’ performances, tours, bookings, and teaching commitments.


Many of our dancers have lost the income they rely upon to survive. We remain committed to the growth and vibrancy of the Dallas arts community, and humbly ask for your financial support. Your aid will help our artistic team survive in lieu of lost work so we may maintain our presence in Dallas.


No contribution is too big or too small.While “socially distant,” we stand together in hope and health. Thank you for standing with us.


 7:00 pm

6 o'Clock Dance at 7
Class with Artistic Director, Zach Ingram
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No class on 10/15


2:00 pm

6ft Bubble Class with 6DT
Company Class
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