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From the ashes, beauty rises...

Choreographed by Zach Ingram, Artistic Direction by Zach Ingram & Laura Pearson, Rehearsal Assistant Mai Uesaka


ARISE is produced by Ballet Dallas and 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre with lighting design by Christopher Ham. Music by 


Special thanks to Plano Dance Arts, SMU Division of Dance, Interstate, Rusty Hann, Jordan Chlapecka and Sophi Marass.


Dark Phoenix

“I am not from this world, but I was born in it. Thrust into the dark.”

Phoenix Saga

“To navigate the complexities of any system or society we face many challenges, one of which is to join in its structure.”

Phoenix Rising

“And in that moment there was flash of flooding light. So bright our eyes couldn’t blink.”


The Phoenix is played by Kaley Jensen (Friday/Sunday) and Stephanie Godsave. Corps dancers include Lacy Brent Ema BorrasCamille BourgeoisLayla Brent-Tompkins Sarah Cat-Hendricks, Stephanie GodsaveWhitney HartKaley JensenJ. Alexander LangleyShannon LinesHeather McKay Marielle McGregorMai UesakaLea Zablocki