Brush to Canvas


Zach Law Ingram


Max Richter & Ezio Bosso

Friday, January 27th 7:30pm

Majestic Theatre

Once a year all the historically black dance groups from around the world come together for a conference. They show off their best performance pieces, hold master classes, audition and network. 

This past January the showcase came to Dallas, TX! And among the performing artists is local favorite 6 o'Clock Dance Theatre — or as Margaret Putnam once called them "The new kids on the block." 

On Jan. 27th, 6 o'Clock Dance Theatre premiered "Brush to Canvas," a 10-minute contemporary piece choreographed by Artistic Director Zach Law Ingram with music by Max Richter and Ezio Bosso.

Brush to Canvas appeared in the FRIDAY, JAN.27 showcase and featured all 13 company members, including Shelby Campbell, Constance Dolph, Katricia Eaglin, Catie Ferguson, Christopher MacKenzie, Sophi Marass, Britney McDowell, Stephen McMaryion, Marielle McGregor, Maryann Payne, Laura Pearson, Marcus Pough and Erica Tamez.