Lailah Duke

A San Francisco native, Lailah Duke, is a 2015 graduate of Howard University where she holds a BFA in Dance Arts. She owes her first experiences in dance to Destined 2 Dance Studio and Performing Arts of Oakland, CA.


Lailah moved to Dallas to join DBDT:Encore! for 2 seasons, and finished up her 4th season with the main company, Dallas Black Dance Theater, at their inaugural Jacob’s Pillow Performance in August 2021. She has had the privilege to perform several works by several esteemed artists such as Darrell Grand Moultrie, dance mentor, Hope Boykin, Christopher Huggins, Bridget Moore, Juel D. Lane, and Diane McIntyre. Dance has taken Lailah throughout the US and overseas to Iquique, Chile. Lailah has been teaching and choreographing in styles of Modern, West African, and Jazz dance for 6 years.


In her time at DBDT, she had the privilege of taking company class with Zach Law Ingram and is so excited to continue enjoying dance with his company of crazy talented dancers in 6 o’clock Dance Theatre!