Shannon Lines

Shannon has been training in dance since the age of 8, and is currently finishing up her senior year of high school training with Pure Movement Dance in Allen, Texas. 

Shannon has been attending conventions and competitions since the age of ten and has received numerous awards including Intrigue True Performer runner up, ASH apprentice runner-up, and  Radix Cutting edge scholarship winner. Shannon has placed in top ten overalls at competitions multiple times for her solo and group routines. Shannon also trains in her high school’s dance magnet program and is one of the only six people that can say she was a part of the elite company all four years of high school!


Shannon met Zach on the Joffrey Ballet school audition tour, and was extremely honored to be one of the Black Card Scholarship winners , which placed her in the top ten percent of dancers! After the 2021 summer intensive, Zach and Marielle offered Shannon a place in 6 o'Clock dance theatre and Shannon has been loving it ever since!


Shannon has been accepted into four of the nation's leading dance schools including University of North Carolina school of the arts, Oklahoma University Modern Dance Major, New World school of the arts and Virginia Commonwealth University!