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Lailah Duke


A San Francisco native, Lailah Duke, is a 2015 graduate of Howard University where she holds a B.F.A. in Dance Arts. She owes her first experiences in dance to Destined 2 Dance Studio and Performing Arts in Oakland, California.

After graduation, Lailah moved to Dallas to join Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Encore! for 2 seasons, and finished up her 4th season with the main company, Dallas Black Dance Theater, at their inaugural Jacob’s Pillow Performance in August 2021. Lailah’s had the privilege of performing several works by esteemed artists such as Darrell Grand Moultrie, Hope Boykin, Christopher Huggins, Bridget Moore, Juel D. Lane, and Diane McIntyre. During her undergraduate years, Lailah interned for two summers with Ronald K. Brown’s Evidence: A Dance Company. In addition, she has danced and performed throughout the United States and performed internationally in Iquique, Chile. For the past six years, Lailah has taught and choreographed in the styles of Modern, West African, and Jazz. 

Lailah first trained in the style of Praise Dancing, which can be described as a combination of lyrical, modern, balletic, and hip-hop styles of movement. Praise dancing is typically performed with gospel music and in reverence and worship to Jesus. Lailah has always enjoyed this type of movement expression as this style first connected her to her passion for dance. In addition to dancing, Lailah works as a full-time campus minister. 

Lailah joined 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre as a dancer in August 2022. 

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