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One night only.

Or, make that TWO nights (plus a Sunday matinee)!

You choose how many times to attend ARISE, a collaboration between 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre and Ballet Dallas.

Premiering June 11-13, this performance tells an “ashes to beauty" story — the story of The Phoenix. 

From Greek literature to X-Men and Harry Potter, the story of the Phoenix is legend. But it’s not just the story of a mythical bird, it is the story of humankind. Of storms and rainbows. Defeat and triumph. Addiction and recovery. Total loss and restored hope.

Today we need you to bring this Phoenix back to life. We need your gift to support this show and revive the performing arts. Our goal is to raise enough money to bring this preview show to a larger venue in the future.

Whether by purchasing a ticket and/or making a donation — you can be part of the story of the Phoenix. The story of us.

View ticket & donation options at

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