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6 o’Clock Dance Theatre is shaping the field of dance by merging artists with multidimensional backgrounds and careers. 


Co-Founded by Zach Law Ingram and Marielle McGregor in 2014, 6 o'Clock Dance Theatre (6DT) strives to produce innovative and unique contemporary ballet at elite levels of artistic excellence. 6DT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering part-time work for advanced dance professionals in the Dallas/DFW region.

Mission & Vision

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Our dancers and directors work in various industries daily — from 9 to 5 — but at 6 o'Clock, we dance!

- Zach Ingram, 

Artistic Director

6DT was founded to provide an avenue for movement artists to perform at elite levels of dance while simultaneously enabling members to work full-time jobs in their career of choice.

6DT company members have extensive training in all dance disciplines, with several individuals achieving a B.F.A. in Dance at the collegiate level.


For full-time work, company members invest their time in the following industries (but not limited to): Business, Medicine, Law, Education, Psychology, and Social Work. Blending a myriad of careers with strong dance proficiency allows company members to maximize their artistic potential in a supportive and rigorous company environment. 

The flexibility of rehearsals and accommodating environment support the multidimensional artist: creating a space for dancers to leverage the strengths of both career paths in an artistic capacity.


6DT celebrates the beauty of diversity by uniting dancers of all ethnicities, nationalities, shapes, and sizes in the pursuit of technical excellence through hard work and dedication. 

We’ve helped businesses celebrate historical milestones, and teamed up with fellow arts organizations to make a difference in our community.

But most importantly, we realized that we are more than an art project – we are an arts organization. And so in 2018, we became an established 501(c)(3). 

- Marielle McGregor, Executive Director


In all endeavors, 6DT remains firmly committed to creating true value for our audiences, industry partners, and the Dallas arts community we call home. The trajectory of 6DT extends the dance experience past traditional concert venues and into fundraisers, churches, public parks and events.


6DT actively strives to innovate the boundaries of traditional dance practice by creating a space for a diverse array of artists to connect, collaborate, and foster personal and professional artistic growth. At the company’s core, 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre is committed to using the power of movement and elite artistic expression to inspire local and international audiences.

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Photography: Ace That Shot, Cesar Garcia

About the Directors

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