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Marielle McGregor
Executive Director

By day Marielle McGregor works as the Assistant Director of Campaign Strategy for Dallas College in the Marketing and Communications department. 


But at night, she dances!

Marielle is a co-founder of 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre and serves as the executive director — managing the company business and equipping the dancers and choreographers for success. 


What Marielle loves most about 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre is that it provides an avenue for dance professionals to continue to perform at elite levels of dance while also allowing them the flexibility to work full-time in the career of their choice. “It doesn’t have to be all or nothing,” she says, “today dancers can also be wives, mothers and/or working career women. 6 o’Clock welcomes dancers of all industries, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. There is no mold here to conform to.”


Marielle is a 2010 graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with a creative emphasis. She is passionate about all forms of communication and told stories since her childhood — constantly searching for the right movement, word, or visual to connect with the viewer or reader. 


A native of Ohio, Marielle began her dance career at Ballet Met. Later, at SMU, she performed the works of many renowned choreographers — such as Paul Taylor and Robert Battle — and was highlighted as the principal role in Eleo Pomare’s “Las Desenamoradas.” She has studied under celebrated dancers from a variety of modern backgrounds, including April Berry, Nina Watt, Ruth Andrien, Myra Woodruff, and Christopher Dolder. Marielle has danced with modern companies like Dallas Black Dance Theatre II, Sandra Organ, and Contemporary Ballet Dallas, to name a few. 


Marielle is passionate about her faith and her two dogs (a basset hound and a dachshund). She also has a special place in her heart for mentoring, teaching, and coaching. She loves dance because it transports her to another world — “a wonderful world — where words are danced, people are lifted up, and sweaty friends are the best kind.”

Photography: Cesar Garcia

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