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DFW Dance Photography. Design by Jordan Chlapecka

Have you encountered different perceptions of color? One person may say a dress is black while another will say it's blue. But who is right?


Both are. Because color only exists as an individual perceives it.


The same can be true of time. One person says time is flying by, while their coworker says it’s been a slow week. Which employee is right?


Both are. Because time also exists as an individual perceives it.

Color … time … our perceptions are unique as individuals, as is our reality. That is until something allows us to alter our perception.

Join us for Visions of Blue, a show exploring perceptions: of time, of color, angels … love.

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Visions of Blue

Saturday, May 20, 2023 

Addison Theater Centre

2 & 8 PM


Visions of Blue is the 6 o'Clock Dance Theatre 2022-2023 season finale.


Featuring 7 original works, including four by Artistic Director Zach Law Ingram and three by our talented guest artists — Kareem Goodwin, Kayleigh Edison and Karmen Moore.

The show features lighting design by Christopher Ham, spotlighting a cast of 14 beautiful dance artists.


Get your tickets while they last for this one-day-only production!

Angels, Blue, Breeze, Love by Loving

Artistic Director & Choreographer Zach Ingram

T.I.M.E. Things I Must Endure

Guest Choreographer Kareem Goodwin

Did I Get You Right?

Emerging Choreographer Karmen Moore

La Llorona

Company Member Kayleigh Edison & Singer MurieL

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