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Amit Katz


Amit Katz graduated with honors from Brenau University in Gainsville, Georgia in the spring of 2023. At Brenau University, Amit pursued a B.A. in Dance with an advanced ballet concentration on a full-ride scholarship. 

Amit means "friendship" in Hebrew and resembles similar meanings in Latin languages, Amitié, Amici, and Amistad. She was born in Madrid, Spain, raised in Frankfurt, Germany, attended the leadership Jr. High School Program in Herzliya, Israel, and graduated from Plano West Sr. High School in Plano, Texas. Amit strives to draw from her multicultural experiences and friendships during her creative processes.

Amit discovered her love for dance at the age of 13, dedicating herself to mastering various styles, including ballet, modern, contemporary, and jazz. Her rigorous training and dedication to her craft have allowed her to perform locally and abroad, captivating audiences with grace, precision, and enthusiasm.

Amit is eager to share her passion for dance with others and inspire young people to explore their creativity and embrace their unique identities. By doing so, she hopes to raise awareness regarding the emotional stress young people experience and contribute to improving their quality of life. Outside of rehearsals and performances, Amit dedicates her time to cultivating young dancers’ passion for movement as a dance instructor. Amit started her professional dance career and joined 6 o’Clock Dance Theatre as an Apprentice in August 2023.

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